the FTB Residency


January 29, 2018 - May 18, 2018


In a recent survey of 100+ SMBs, 87% didn't plan to hire first-time job seekers, mostly because "grads don't understand how to work until they work".

We give you just that--a paid, concise 4-month experience that prepares you to hit the world. It's a slap-in-the-face for your school's career fair. Come 'find yourself' through wiring assessments, learn the skills/software today's companies need, build relationships with local leaders, and get measurable output for your resumΓ©. We simply prepare you to succeed. 

Over just sixteen weeks, relocate to Birmingham, AL with a dozen (soon-to-be) new friends. Live in community downtown with room/board included, travel to campuses around the country, attend weekly social outings, and most importantly, get your hands dirty uncovering your gifts. As 'graduation' approaches, we'll even help you land that first real job. 




* accommodations, food, happy hours, travel and weekly outings included

* $2,500 stipend with earned bonuses

* exposure to specific fields of study--marketing, operations, design, sales, logistics

* weekly office hours to discuss your strengths/weaknesses

* real, measurable experience in resumΓ©-building tasks related to field of study

* optional post-residency job placement

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Early acceptance, November 30. Final decision, December 29.